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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Supply of cabinets


For the purpose of this contract the term "CUSTOMER" shall represent the person mentioned in relation to the Billing Address.

2. Delivery

A.) Although, SCORE MATERIALS seeks to make all possible efforts to deliver on
the date requested by (or agreed upon) with the CUSTOMER; this however, may not be probable in all cases.

Subsequently, for all intents and purposes of this contract; the time of delivery shall be only an estimate, and therefore any delivery date given is only an estimate.

B.) Certain orders may be available earlier than indicated. SCORE MATERIALS reserves the right to provide customers just one delivery date during peak times/seasons.

C.) If a delivery date is rejected by a CUSTOMER/courier etc., SCORE MATERIALS cannot always guarantee another delivery date without delay.

D.) In the event of a change in delivery address, the CUSTOMER must communicate
the change at least 5 days prior to the estimated delivery date. SCORE MATERIALS
will not take any responsibility for delays caused by changes to the delivery addresses if these are not communicated correctly, and/or in a timely manner.

E.) Providing the courier with the CUSTOMERS’ names and addresses guarantees
the delivery of the products ordered, as well as allows couriers to contact you directly in order to complete a delivery. The preservation of a CUSTOMERS’ personal information by the courier must be kept private, and is strictly followed as it is found under contractual obligation.

F.) SCORE MATERIALS allows for one delivery attempt in accordance with our couriers’ terms and conditions. In the event, that the goods do not successfully reach
the customer on the specified date, either due to the CUSTOMER negligence, or delay
due to an act of God; the order will be sent back to us. If the goods are returned,
SCORE MATERIALS reserves the right to charge the CUSTOMER for the cost of
returning the goods, re-delivery of the goods purchased, and reasonable administration

G.) A representative or the CUSTOMER themselves shall be present at the address
indicated for delivery in order to sign a form acknowledging the acceptance of the
goods. You may choose to have the goods delivered without signature, and this is made possible when the CUSTOMER communicates this to the courier using the contact details provided by SCORE MATERIALS along with relevant information such as tracking or consignment number. SCORE MATERIALS cannot guarantee that this is
possible for all deliveries.