Care and Maintenance for high gloss acrylic cabinets – Score Materials
SUR Certified Steel Security Doors
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Care & Maintenance

To ensure the preservation of Score Materials cabinets, our products should not be stored or installed in a newly plastered or damp environment. For door surfaces, it is recommended using a soft clean cloth dampened not wet with warm soapy water to achieve a clean surface. Dry off with a soft dry cloth. Applying harsh cleaning liquids or items such as: Brillo Pads, Bleach: IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

In order to avoid heat damage, please follow these simple guidelines:

When installing doors near ovens, always ensure that doors are shielded by
utilizing heat deflector strips.

Never use any appliance which produces high levels of heat or concentrated steam (For example: toaster, kettle or pressure cooker) directly under or adjacent to a door or panel.