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About Us



We here at Score Materials know about the benefits of quality material for both commercial, and residential design applications. We developed a team of manufacturers to handle our needs, so that we can deliver you the customer, timeless pieces for you to enjoy for years to come! 

 We are a family-owned, and operated company based in New York. Our responsive services, and manufacturing skills allow our personnel to serve different types of clients. We have custom acrylic cabinets, and modern steel security doors that can be adopted for commercial spaces, residential interiors as well as other locations with remarkable results.

 It doesn’t matter if it is the latest decorating trend or just a personal choice. We welcome the possibility to join forces to add a truly distinctive factor to your commercial/residential space.

 We have been proficient in separating ourselves from our competitors by providing a total outlet for personalized design services. We hope to establish our stance in this business. We are on the lookout for the latest technologies, as well as infrastructures which can meet, if not exceed, the expectations of our clients. We are constantly updating our selections in order to follow the newest trends in this business so we can provide you, the best products that you deserve.

Here are a few pictures of our cabinet factory