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About Acrylic Cabinets

Acrylic Cabinets – What You Need to Know?

     Acrylic Cabinets are what you see most often. Acrylic textile is made from polymers
or acrylic acid or acrylates kind of like a red acrylic sweater. Acrylic is flat laminated on a ¾” engineered core for the face of the door, while the door back consists of a
complementary melamine for a consistent appearance. Acrylic door and drawer fronts
are available in a variety of fashion finishes and feature contrasting edge banding for a
contemporary look. It is water soluble and designed to make your cabinets look more
elegant. It is usually made of pine fiber board.

     Acrylic cabinets can take your kitchen to the next level. You can choose from
different designs. Designing your kitchen needs a creative, and wise mind in order for
you to achieve your plan design. Acrylic cabinets may also present in some parts of the
house like inside the bathroom, bedroom or in the living

     Whether you are thinking of a total kitchen make over, or installing a one acrylic
cabinet in a certain area; either way the area will instantly look classier! Worried that
you might get tired of the color you choose? No worries, our kitchen cabinet doors can
be simply changed to your next favorite color. Just like the outside of your home or the
outfit you choose each day; let your kitchen reflect your personality through some of our bold colors!